About Lembeh

Experience Lembeh

The beautiful Island offers a broad series of top quality, located in Bitung. The region is the second city after Manado. Lembeh has a great harbor with increasing economic traffic in a big development. It is recognized as the “Critter Capital of the World”.

Lembeh beaches are remote and great for snorkeling, famous for diving because of the wealth of remarkable sea life. Most tourists come here because of the great diving experience where you can find numerous Frogfish, Octopus, several coral reefs and old shipwrecks which are hard to find in other diving areas.

Lembeh Island lies on the South Eastern edge of Sulawesi Utara and is 1 hour drive from the airport. Various hotels here that will arrange transport and diving equipment accessible for hire as well. If you want to explore the island in your own way, there is a ferry sailing from Bitung going to Lembeh every day.

Lembeh Island is a haven for all divers and it has more than 30 diving sites. Described as “Mucking Diving” where you can see unique sea creatures like Scorpion Fish, Ambon, harlequin Shrimp, cardinal fish, skeleton fish, sea horses and many more. English is widely spoken but the official language here is Bahasa Indonesia


Weather in North Sulawesi has an equatorial form of climate with two seasons. The temperature remains stable at 29 to 32 Celsius all year round. Feel the cool winds in the month of September while traveling over the South China Sea and reach the Sulawesi Sea around November. From April to November you will experience bright sun and clear blues skies during dry season with excellent visibility of 10 to 15 meters in Lembeh, Wet season during the month of December to March.

How to Get There

There are available airlines services direct to Manado from Singapore, Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya and Kuala Lumpur. From Manado to North Sulawesi, only 90 minutes drive from Sam Ratulangi Airport to Bitung, and then ride a boat from the harbor going to Lembeh Island.