Dive Resorts

  • Lembeh Dive Resorts

    -A total of 100% amazing experience you can get to the Lembeh place because you will not only be satisfied on its magnificent dive spot but you will also be glad to stay on its beautiful and relaxing resorts. There are 3 main resorts that are within the place, each of it has their own uniqueness and ability to give a total comfort and great stay experience to the visitors. You will feel at home because everything that you need can be readily provided.

  • Lembeh Bastianos Resort

    Lembeh  Bastianos Resort

    Bastianos is a homely relaxing resort located on the West Coast Island of Lembeh. The resort is fully functional; it is designed to provide privacy of breathing space where you can feel the fresh air and a peaceful pristine nature. It is the most inspiring and desirable destination for everyone.

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  • Lembeh Hills Resort

    Lembeh Hills Resort

    One of the good quality resorts in Manado, Be captivated with the elegant sophisticated boutique resort to one of Asia’s most popular diving site. You will find suitable place and a relaxing atmosphere pleasurable; a comforting and idealistic experience for divers and non divers.

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  • NAD Lembeh Resort

    NAD Lembeh Resort

    A short boat ride from Bitung harbor and minutes away from all the top sites, between two hills inside a calm bay on Lembeh Island, NAD is located in the beautiful Lembeh Strait region of North Sulawesi. A small resort border by a small seaside overlooking the volcanos and mainland provides you a comfortable, inviting good service accommodation. Feel at home and have a remarkable holiday.

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