Lembeh Hills Resort

  • Lembeh Hills Resort

    Lembeh Hills Resort

    One of the good quality resorts in Manado, Be captivated with the elegant sophisticated boutique resort to one of Asia’s most popular diving site. You will find suitable place and a relaxing atmosphere pleasurable; a comforting and idealistic experience for divers and non divers.

    Lembeh Hills Resort is located on the east coast of North Sulawesi. There are 23 available villas and suites that are well selected for its location with private terrace where you can see the spectacular panoramic view of Lembeh Strait with high speed internet access, air conditioning, multiple telephone line, cable television and a direct line. Lembeh Hills resort offers scuba diving activity and it’s next to Tangkoko National Park, home to the elusive tarsier. Imaginative use of natural topology brings the panoramic view into every corner of all villas even the outdoor bathroom while maintaining the highest level of privacy. Lembeh

    Accommodation and Facilities

    The resort property is surrounded by flourishing tropical gardens that perfectly blend into the landscape. All cottages have open verandahs to see the perfect views of North Sulawesi sunsets and the wonderful nature. Lembeh resort have modern services including massage for you to relax, air conditioning, luxury spa, fitness centre, meeting room, club cars , WIFI internet to access and mini bar to chill after a long fun day diving. If you want to see the beautiful Lembeh strait, there is a delicate infinity swimming pool with underwater beds for better relaxation. It offers all day dining, serves a creative kind of cuisine mix with authentic Manadonese dishes. Lembeh Hills resort is designed to accommodate all the needs of the guest. If your resort lies on Lembeh Island, 10 minute ride in a ferry will do.

    Let yourself be pampered with the magnificent place Lembeh.