NAD Lembeh Resort

  • NAD Lembeh Resort

    NAD Lembeh Resort

    A short boat ride from Bitung harbor and minutes away from all the top sites, between two hills inside a calm bay on Lembeh Island, NAD is located in the beautiful Lembeh Strait region of North Sulawesi. A small resort border by a small seaside overlooking the volcanos and mainland provides you a comfortable, inviting good service accommodation. Feel at home and have a remarkable holiday.

    Nad Resort has several kayaks for the tourist or quest to use, few trails meander through the jungle behind the resort. If given a chance, you will encounter native fauna and an abundance of flora. Some interesting critters can be found here like Snake, butterflies, insect and lizard that are good subject to capture.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    Nad Lembeh Resort has 10 rooms come in Standard and Deluxe that is good for a budget minded and two bungalows style Minahasa with outdoor bathroom and air-conditioning along with free WIFI internet access made for lovely couples who want to spend their evenings on a private deck watching the sunset over Lembeh straits. Other amenities like the clubhouse are also a home for entertainment and library, TV satellite, DVD player, reference books on hand. Resorts restaurant offer a unique dining for a large group, meals are served in a buffet style with different kinds of vegetables and meats for you to satisfy.

    Available flights by Silkair. 3 hours and 40 minutes from Singapore to Manado. 1 hour and 30 minutes from Manado airport to resort.