Dive Sites

  • Lembeh Dive Sites

    -Located at the North Sulewesi, Bitung Manado – Indonesia, Lambeh is one of the finest and most beautiful dive spot in the country. From top to bottom, it is perfect and exactly elegant. Surrounded by different kinds of birds and butterflies flying on the air and pleasant underwater activity with wonderful sea creatures.

  • Batu Sandar

    Batu Sandar

    The name Batu Sandar means leaning rock. It is situated midway up on the Lembeh Island, around a pinnacle that leans above the water. The site initially had a little rock leaning against the big pinnacle, unfortunately, the small rock is no longer in the same place.

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  • Bimoli Wreck

    Bimoli Wreck

    Bimoli wreck is another Japanese freighter which sank during the World War II. It lies near Bitung, in the middle of the shipping area. Unfortunately, the ship suffered a great damage when it was hit by a torpedo. Nonetheless, it still attracts a variety of marine life and it remained as a good home for many beautiful aquatic creatures.

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  • California Dreaming

    California Dreaming

    California Dreaming, unlike other Lembeh strait dive sites, is less of a muck dive. It is less murky with better visibility at about 5 to 25 meters. There is a plateau at approximately 15 meters. Currents are usually mild, cautious when strong.

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  • Critter Hunt

    Critter Hunt

    As the name suggests, Critter hunt is a popular site for critter hunting. It is a common Lembeh dive site with an inclined black sandy bottom down to 25 meters. The sire doesn’t look much at first but soon it reveals itself to be a sanctuary for an exotic marine life that Lembeh strait divers come to imagine.

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  • Goby-a-Crab


    Goby-A-Crab is another favorite Lembeh Strait dive site. It is named for a great variety of gobies and crabs that it hosts. Its reef has gigantic sea fans as well as sponges. The coral growth here is better in the shallows. It has a steep white sand slope below. The site’s visibility is basically better than those on the sites located in the middle part of Lembeh.

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  • Jahir


    Jahir is one of the latest dive sites in Makawide. It is a famous muck site with black sand slopes, rope sponge growth and some coral outcrops in the shallows. It is named after the five dive guides who discovered it. They are Jandry, Ade, Henry, Iwan and Robin. The name Jahir was gotten from the combined initials of their names.

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  • Mawali Wreck

    Mawali Wreck

    Mawali Wreck , also known as Tanduk Rusa Wreck, is a Japanese steel cargo ship wreck that was burnt and sank in 1943 during the World War II. The wreck lies on its side in water at about 15 meters to 30 meters. It is beautifully covered with crinoids, soft corals and black coral trees.

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  • Nudi Falls

    Nudi Falls

    Nudi Falls, as its name suggests, hosts a vast number of nudibranches. Here you have great chances of seeing and studying the brightly colored critters. Sea slugs are around. This site has black sand slopes down at about 25 meters. There is much more macro life here, not just nudis.

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  • Police Pier

    Police Pier

    Police Pier is one of the most favorite dive sites in Lembeh Strait. Its sandy slope at about 15 meters sown to the bottom is littered with garbage, cables, rubble and very small coral. Here you will experience a real muck dive where you will see quite colorful crinoids and sponges. On the slope and under the pier is a variety of exotic and amazing critters.

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  • Pulau Putus

    Pulau Putus

    Pulau Putus is another must visit Lembeh site. It is a steep reef that gives way to a sandy slope down at 80’. The site features a very good visibility. It has a beautiful coral and sponge garden that serve as a home for many critters. It highlights a very dramatic and stunning scenery. Here you can find larger Devil and eagle rays, the rare jaw fish, some nudis and other variety of marine life.

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  • Sarena West

    Sarena West

    Serena West is a steep reef with lots of nooks and crannies and a combination of coral, rubble area and a sandy bottom. There are many green branching corals here. The nice coral area is just within the shallow part. Here you can see juvenile barramundi cod and juvenile dotty sweetlips.

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