Critter Hunt

  • Critter Hunt

    Critter Hunt

    As the name suggests, Critter hunt is a popular site for critter hunting. It is a common Lembeh dive site with an inclined black sandy bottom down to 25 meters. The sire doesn’t look much at first but soon it reveals itself to be a sanctuary for an exotic marine life that Lembeh strait divers come to imagine.

    Among the rubbles, corals, sponges and crinoids, you can find painted frogfish, leaf scorpion fish, common lionfish, blue ribbon eels, mantis shrimps, and sailfin gobies. There are also crabs specifically the decorator crabs, spider crabs, orangutan crabs, and zebra crabs. You may also look for cleaner shrimps and pink squat lobsters hiding in bubble corals and soft corals. Seahorses, sea slugs, nudibranches, blue ringed octopus and long armed octopus are also present.

    You may also be able to see stargazers, mating dragonets and flying gurnards as well during night dives.

    Location: Southern tip of Sarena Kecil
    Currents: Gentle, can be strong
    Depth: 5 m to 25 m