• Goby-A-Crab


    Goby-A-Crab is another favorite Lembeh Strait dive site. It is named for a great variety of gobies and crabs that it hosts. Its reef has gigantic sea fans as well as sponges. The coral growth here is better in the shallows. It has a steep white sand slope below. The site’s visibility is basically better than those on the sites located in the middle part of Lembeh.

    Among the sea fans and sponges, you can see mollusks, nudibranches and squat lobsters. In the hsallows, you may look for mantis shrimps, crab-eyed-gobies, hermit crabs, spider crabs, decorator crabs and many more.

    This site always gets outstanding reviews from divers and underwater critics.

    Location: Across from Bitung Town, Far south in Lembeh Strait
    Currents: Moderate, can be strong
    Depth: 5 m to 25 m