Nudi Falls

  • Nudi Falls

    Nudi Falls

    Nudi Falls, as its name suggests, hosts a vast number of nudibranches. Here you have great chances of seeing and studying the brightly colored critters. Sea slugs are around. This site has black sand slopes down at about 25 meters. There is much more macro life here, not just nudis.

    There are many small reef fish such as the juvenile oriental sweetlips that hide on soft corals. Anemone fish and shrimps are usually found in anemones that serve as their home. Lionfish are also usual as well as scorpionfish, and frogfish. You may also search for devil fish, Ambon scorpionfish, banded and ornate ghost pipefish, ribbon eels, mantis shrimps, sea moths, sea horses and more.

    The dive here is excellent. There is never a dull moment at this site.

    Location: Sulawesi, side of the strait
    Currents: Can be strong
    Depth: 3 m to 28 m