Police Pier

  • Police Pier

    Police Pier

    Police Pier is one of the most favorite dive sites in Lembeh Strait. Its sandy slope at about 15 meters sown to the bottom is littered with garbage, cables, rubble and very small coral. Here you will experience a real muck dive where you will see quite colorful crinoids and sponges. On the slope and under the pier is a variety of exotic and amazing critters.

    Around the pier’s pillars, you can find lionfish that are waiting for their prey. There are also leaf scorpionfish, frogfish, banded pipefish, huge seahorses, Banggai cardinal fish, flamboyant cuttlefish, sailfin gobies, mantis shrimps, ribbon eels and more.

    Night diving here can be also great. At night you will see many cuttlefish, moray eels, snake eels, octopus, spider crabs, decorator crabs, hermit crabs, stargazers, flounders and flying gurnards as well.

    Location: Along the Lembeh strait
    Currents: Moderate to stong
    Depth: 3 m to 35 m