Spellbound Sipadan

Over 3,000 species of fish call Sipadan home, making it a feast for any diver’s eyes

Pristine reefs & rich biodiversity await you in the Celebes Sea, with imposing Turtles & Sharks greeting you at almost every dive. And as if that wasn’t enough, over 3,000 species of fish call Sipadan home, making it a feast for any diver’s eyes; In waters with visibility between 20m – 50m!

Be memorized by whirling schools of Barracuda, Eagle Rays, White Tip Sharks & schools of Hammerheads on our guided boat dives, or appreciate their smaller counterparts like Pipefish, Nudibranches, Chromis & Sweetlips instead. Bumphead Parrotfish are also commonly sighted in the area too; it’s no wonder divers tout Sipadan as the best dive site in the world.

Do take note that Sipadan has a “no gloves” policy to discourage scuba divers from damaging the reefs; Although this somehow doesn’t apply to the resident Hawksbill Turtles who are regularly seen chomping off bits of the reef & turning it into a satisfying meal!

You will be diving in & around the islands of Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai & Si Amil Island, where many divers return for repeat visits. Currents run through the channels between the islands which makes for some good drift diving opportunities there too. Visibility ranges from 10m – 30m & water temperatures are pleasant, hovering around the 28C mark.

The coral communities at Sipadan are pristine, so shallower coral colonies make for an animated safety stop & provide the perfect backdrop to pose for photos while waiting for a safe ascent. The best time to dive Sipadan is from April to September, with the highlight of most being caught in a schooling tornado of fish, so even though we hope that you can experience fine weather on the trip of your dreams, we also secretly wish you get to see a whirling cyclone of fish on your dive!

What Our Trip Leader Have to Say:

Sipadan is one of the destinations that up till date, I’ve never regretted going! There were
countless things that just made me fell in love with this place. The buffet food was exceptionally tasty and the menu for each meal is guaranteed never the same! As for the accommodation, it gave you a warmly feeling whenever you stepped into the room, here you just felt so comfortable to slack in the room after diving and of course, with a welled stomach!
The highlight of the trip is definitely the diving. The excitement when you’re right in the centre of the swirling Jackfish, the breathtaking moment when you were disappointed that you didn’t see the well­known swirling barracudas and suddenly, they appeared out from the blue swimming towards you. And Sipadan Island itself is all about schools of marine life. Schools of barraccudas, jackfish, bumpheads, batfish, white tips and turtles! Yes, how awesome can it be?
Diving in Sipadan is just like diving in an aquarium, you won’t regret it!

- Rebecca Choy, OWSI

Dive Sites At a Glance:

  • Barracuda Point: Dive into large schools of Barracuda & get caught in a Barracuda tornado!
  • Hanging Gardens: Smaller Fish & Little Critters inhabit Soft Corals, Sea Fans & Barrel Sponges on the reef wall
  • South Point: Banner Fish, Moray Eels & a variety of Sharks
  • Mid Reef: Vibrant & colourful Corals steal the show at Mid Reef, & it is here you will find a large concentration of Turtles who don’t mind cozying up to divers
  • Staghorn Crest: This site has excellent lighting conditions for photographers in the afternoons
  • Turtle Cavern: Let the current take you on a leisurely journey through the shallows to appreciate the natural beauty there


A stone’s throw from the white sandy beach, you will relish the opportunity to lounge on the decks with ocean views & Borneo mainland in the distance. Comfortable chalet-style living in this quiet resort means you get to unwind after a day of diving with the frenzy of fish at Sipadan. Or perhaps jump into the pool for some respite from the active marine life.

The Mabul Resort offers a juxtaposition of tourists & locals living alongside. Photographers will love wandering around the area for snapshots of villagers, fishermen & local children going about their usual days which make for interesting compositions against the beach & jungle backdrops of Mabul Island.

Look out onto the Celebes Sea from your private veranda, enjoy the teasing aroma of barbecue between the fresh smell of the sea breeze, feel the spray from the ocean on your face… Locals on Mabul Island always have a smile on their faces; Visit Borneo Divers Mabul Resort & you’ll understand why.


Facilities & Amenities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa
  • Entertainment
  • Beach bar
  • Full Service Dive Centre
  • Recreational Water Sports Centre
  • Professional Underwater Video and Filming Center
  • TV Lounge (attached to our restaurant)
  • Gift Shop

Individual wooden chalets:

  • air conditioning
  • ceiling fan
  • private verandah
  • ensuite bathroom with hot/cold shower
  • hair dryer
  • dressing table
  • writing desk
  • coffee/tea making facilities

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